Reflections: Bridging the Gap (Editorial), by Steve Parks

Introduction, by Kevin Bott, Sylvia Gale, Viet Le, Karen Smith, Laura T. Smith

Poetry of Desire: Teenage Girls Challenge the “Dilemma” and Write about Sexuality, by Dana Edell

Invoking Solidarity and Engaged Listening in Publicly Active Work: Translating and Transcribing Jorge Velasquez’s Testimonio, by Michelle Bellino

Piecing Together Narrative Puzzles: A New Scholar’s Reflections on a Community Partnership in an Attempt to Reconcile the Research Teaching and Outreach Triad, by Sheila Carter-Tod

The Politics of Persuasion versus the Construction of Alternative Communities: Zines in the Writing Classroom, by Aneil Rallin and Ian Barnard

Who Knew Public Scholarship was so Fun(ny)?: Practical Applications Within and Beyond the Academy, Rebecca Krefting

From Discourse Communities to Activity Systems: Activity Theory as Approach to Community Service Writing, by Michael-John DePalma

The Push and Pull of Being Publicly Active in Graduate School, by Paul Feigenbaum

Does the Academy Need an “Extreme Makeover”? by Allison Gross

Expanding Community-Based Work While Maintaining the Edge, by Cara L. Kozma

One Grad Student’s Reflections, by Jaclyn M. Wells

Courage, Commitment and a Little Humility: The Path to Civic Engagement, by Jennifer J. Kidd

A Charter for Civic Engagement and Holistic Academic Process, by Winona Wynn

Service Education as (Auto?)-Ethnographic Encounter, by Jim Henry

Review of From the Garden Club: Rural Women Writing Community by Charlotte Hogg, reviewed by Ryan Patrick Witt

Review of Community Literacy and the Rhetoric of Local Publics by Elenore Long, reviewed by David Coogan

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