How often is Reflections published?
Reflections: A Journal of Public Rhetoric, Civic Writing, and Service-Learning is a peer-reviewed journal published twice a year (Fall, Spring).

Why Civic Writing, Service-Learning, and Public Rhetoric?
Reflections is interested in how writing projects which bring community, faculty, and students into dialogue alter the traditional pedagogy and research practices of Composition/Rhetoric.

What type of “writing” is Reflections looking for?
Reflections seeks to publish not only the academic research which emerges from community or service-learning projects, but also the non-academic research produced by project participants—the poetry, essays, photographs, and memoirs which often emerge from such work.

Who can submit to Reflections?
Anyone who has been involved in a service-learning or community literacy projects—community members, university/college/public school faculty, students, and activists.

Is there a specific type of academic research Reflections seeks to publish?
Reflections actively seeks to publish research which demonstrates the impact of community/service-learning work on traditional qualitative and quantitative research.

If I submit an article, when can I expect to receive a response? When will it be published?
Authors submitting an article for review can expect a response within two weeks whether an article will be sent out for review; a response from outside reviewers within twelve weeks; accepted articles are usually published within six to eight months.

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