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Reflections, a peer reviewed journal, provides a forum for scholarship on public rhetoric, civic writing, service-learning, and community literacy. Originally founded as a venue for teachers, researchers, students and community partners to share research and discuss the theoretical, political and ethical implications of community-based writing and writing instruction, Reflections publishes a lively collection of scholarship on public rhetoric and civic writing, occasional essays and stories both from and about community writing and literacy projects, interviews with leading workers in the field, and reviews of current scholarship touching on these issues and topics.

We welcome materials that emerge from research; showcase community-based and/or student writing; investigate and represent literacy practices in diverse community settings; discuss theoretical, political and ethical implications of community-based rhetorical practices; or explore connections among public rhetoric, civic engagement, service learning, and current scholarship in composition studies and related fields.

We encourage you and your university to subscribe to Reflections. Subscribers receive free access to Reflections’ archive of published material and a 20% discount on all New City Community Press publications. The University of Findlay is our newest institutional subscriber, and we also look forward to you supporting Reflections.  Subscribe here.

Inquiries about Reflections should be forwarded to reflections.coeditors@gmail.com.

About Our Cover
In 1964, the students pictured above learned that three civil rights workers, James Earl Chaney, Michael Schewerner, and Andrew Goodman, were missing in Mississippi and promptly got on a bus and headed to Mississippi. Find more about these courageous students here.

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