Reflections will continue primarily to publish scholarly research articles (18-30 pages).

In addition, continuing the journal’s legacy of broadening notions of scholarship related to community-engaged writing, we invite the following types of proposals and submissions and welcome contributions in each category from community members, activists, and/or organizers:

  1. Brief profiles of community-based writing and civic engagement organizations, partnerships, programs aimed at disseminating information and sharing models from which other faculty, scholars, and administrators can benefit. (3-6 pages)

  2. Brief project/course profiles of community-based writing and civic engagement that are not developed into research articles but address course objectives, logistics, obstacles, successes, and ideas for further iterations of the course. (3-6 pages)

  1. Undergraduate research articles for a new and continuing feature of each issue in addition to the journal’s existing showcase of community-based and student writing and/or artwork. 12-20 pages)

  1. Reflective or personal essays that contribute to our collective understanding of the subfield’s scope and definition.

All manuscripts should conform to The Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) Author-Date System, sixteenth edition. Please attach the manuscript as a Word or Word-compatible file to an email message addressed to Laurie Grobman and Deborah Mutnick at Your email message will serve as a cover letter and should include your name(s) and contact information, the title of the manuscript, and a brief biographical statement. Your name or other identifying information should not appear in the manuscript itself or in accompanying materials.

All submissions deemed appropriate for Reflections are sent to external reviewers for blind review. You should receive prompt acknowledgement of receipt followed, within six to eight weeks, by a report on its status.  Contributors interested in submitting a book review (about 1000 words) or recommending a book for review are encouraged to contact either of us at or Tobi Jacobi, at Colorado State University.

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